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Re: [Debconf-video] [Debconf-team] A/V opt-out for speakers (Re: Thinking of organising a special mini-debconf

On 08/21/2013 03:30 PM, Richard Hartmann wrote:
> Very valid point. Asking this via penta would allow the talks team to
> schedule such talks in untaped rooms.

as someone who has been on the talks team in the past (i was basically
AWOL this year) it would help us in talk scheduling to have a tristate
option in penta for talk submitters:

 A) "I would like this talk to be recorded by the video team if
possible" (default)

 B) "I DO NOT want this talk to be recorded by the video team at all"

 C) "If accepted, this talk MUST BE recorded by the video team"

(note that users who choose C (e.g. for BoFs which need participation
from someone remote) may find that their talk is simply not scheduled at
all if there is no available capacity for recording)

> There's still the option of "audio and slides only", but unless that's
> an actual option it's hard to gauge interest in this. That would will
> allow remote participation, arguably making it even easier.

hm, this starts to make the set of options that we ask the submitter to
choose between more complex, but i could see it as a fourth option as
well.  Is it feasible to tune penta (or its successor) by adding this
field to talk submissions?


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