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[Debconf-video] A/V opt-out for speakers (Re: Thinking of organising a special mini-debconf

Hi Erinn,

thanks for bringing this up. (Full context for those who dont't follow debian-
women@l.d.o is at 

On Montag, 19. August 2013, Erinn Clark wrote:
> So my other recommendation to conference organizers is: make it explicit
> that speakers can opt out and give them some options: no recording at all,
> audio recording with slides, or video recording. 

I fully agree and hope that someone will remember this for dc14... 

And even should we'll forget this: 

a.) tell the talks+video team before the talk that you dont want to be videoed 
(or only audioed), thats totally fine. (But we really should have this in the 
conference management system.)

b.) I'd be happy to "accidently loose files" if the presenter(s) wish so... I 
know this is frustrating to the videoteam who recorded it, so I absolutly 
prefer notice in advance, but hey, the rights of the persons filmed are more 
important than a bit work wasted.

> I would even put it in a
> sign up form once their talk is confirmed so they do not have to talk to
> anyone to justify their decision.

Sounds good to me too. 

On a related note: we should probably also provide an area in the audience 
which shall not be filmed, not all attendees are comfortable with that. The 
problem with this is that this can only happen on a best effort basis... 

(just not filming is much easier and ad-hoc camera operators might not be 


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