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Re: [Debconf-video] video annotations for DebConf13

Hi Daf,

sorry for the late reply...!

On Montag, 8. April 2013, Dafydd Harries wrote:
> We are working on a live annotation interface for streaming video,
> and want to bring it to bear on hacker conference videos.
> The idea is that it lets viewers streaming the conference share notes as
> talks are happening (through web or IRC), integrates with a similar "video
> on demand" interface including the same annotations and allowing more
> refined tagging, and even allows some form of basic editing for
> resynthesizing out of all of the videos.


Does the same system allow for "convential" subtitles (for translations)? That 
question came up at last years DebConf...
> We'll be testing a system this summer at Ohm, the Dutch hacker camp,
> and were thinking we could bring it to DebConf too.

Cool, I'll be there too :)

> Our system will not require extensive hardware.
> A single desktop will take encoded streams as input over the local network
> and expose chunked streamdumps with a one- or two-minute "tape" delay
> through a web interface.

so the whole video has 2min lag? Nice hack!

> Ideally we can make the service simultaneously
> available both locally and on teh intarwebz!!11![1]

> All of our tools and development[2] are (A)GPL, and ideally would be
> packaged for Debian in advance of DebConf.

nice. we'll use wheezy systems then.

> Is there any interest?

I'd say so, yes!


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