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Re: [Debconf-video] Fwd: Small video team can help Debconf video team

Hi Hristian,

thanks for your offer to help!

On Montag, 10. Juni 2013, Hristian Staikov wrote:
> I'm not really sure if that is the proper email to address my point. In
> short:

your mail was forwarded to me, but the correct contact point is actually 
debconf-video@lists.debconf.org :) We also have an irc channel: #debconf-team 
on irc.debian.org / irc.oftc.net
> We are small team of 3 people working (as a part time job/hobby) on live
> video streaming in Bulgaria. We have all the equipment needed for
> streaming from one talkroom/lab. That includes couple of HD cameras, high
> quality wireless and wired microphones, audio mixer, screen capture
> devices, laptops, cables, etc. We can handle all the jobs in one small
> talkroom or lab as a team. We can do the work as volunteers in exchange of
> accommodation and food (and, if it is possible, the travel) expenses
> covered by your side. We would really love to see our logo on your website
> too ;)


depending on how many talks rooms we will have (2 or 3) we could use your 
equipment as we can only cover two rooms with our equipment. and having more 
and experienced people in the team is always good. do your cameras have XLR-
audio in and firewire out?

and, if you havent already, please register for debconf13 and indicate how you 
want to help the videoteam. The official deadline for registration for 
sponsored accomodation and food is over, but maybe we can make an exception 
for you volunteers.

also, please check wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConfX/Videoteam where X=12, 11, 
10, 9...  our regular setup is described there, of which we'll use a variant 
this year.


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