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[Debconf-video] kickoff meeting for the DebConf13 videoteam


soon there willl be a kickoff meeting for the DebConf13 videoteam, as usual, 
on #debconf-video:
- who will participate in the dc13 videoteam (also remotely)
- hw / sw setup / changes to previous years

The meeting will last 1h. If you plan to participate (which is awesome, thanks 
already!), please indicate which date+times suit you best at 
http://doodle.com/kwntrbnppqadwdw8 - I will close this poll this saturday 
around 18oo localtime and then announce the date on the video-list. So if you 
want to join the team, please join that list. It's rather low traffic most of 
the year.


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