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Re: [Debconf-video] Small video team can help Debconf video team

On Mon, 10 Jun 2013 06:09:50 +0300 (EEST)
"Hristian Staikov" <admin@matura.bg> wrote:

> Hi there,

Hi Hristian and DebConf Video Team,

> I'm not really sure if that is the proper email to address my point. In
> short:
> We are small team of 3 people working (as a part time job/hobby) on live
> video streaming in Bulgaria. We have all the equipment needed for
> streaming from one talkroom/lab. That includes couple of HD cameras, high
> quality wireless and wired microphones, audio mixer, screen capture
> devices, laptops, cables, etc. We can handle all the jobs in one small
> talkroom or lab as a team. We can do the work as volunteers in exchange of
> accommodation and food (and, if it is possible, the travel) expenses
> covered by your side. We would really love to see our logo on your website
> too ;)
> If that is not the proper email address for that request please forward it
> and contact me with further details/questions/comments.

You need to contact the DebConf video team through their mailing list [0] which I'm forwarding this email.


[0] http://lists.debconf.org/mailman/listinfo/debconf-video
Norman García Aguilar <norman@riseup.net>

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