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[Debconf-video] reviewing / running live sessions / next meeting


reviewing should work everywhere on campus now \o/ Thanks to the awesome work 
of Richard and Ben. There are docs, ask if something is unclear and then fix 
the docs. :)

If you dont know how to help the videoteam, but want to, please review files. 
If there are no files to review and no live sessions to run, do something 
else than video: relax, socialize, fix RC bugs, get drunk, get sober, 
whatever you fancy.

I couldn't add the "room volunteer manager" roles to penta, I forgot how to 
add new roles to a conference? Ganneff, can you please look into this? 

> We need volunteers for coordinating volunteer for:
> davis-afternoon-thursday
> davis-morning-friday
> davis-afternoon-friday
> davis-morning-saturday
> davis-afternoon-saturday
> interschool-afternoon-thursday
> interschool-morning-friday
> interschool-afternoon-friday
> interschool-morning-saturday
> interschool-afternoon-saturday

I'm not sure who will do this, but I have full confidence, that it will be 
done by someone. If you do it, announce it on IRC + via reply to this mail 
for now, hopefully tomorrow we'll have it in penta. If you notice noone is 
doing it, do it yourself (and announce that ;)

Let's have another in person meeting tomorrow at 12:35 in Davis.

You all rock my world and whats way more relevant, the world of _thousands_ of 
Debian people all over the world!


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