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[Debconf-video] [dkg@fifthhorseman.net: [Debconf-team] hacklab and davis networking changes to benefit video team]

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Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2010 09:29:38 -0400
From: Daniel Kahn Gillmor <dkg@fifthhorseman.net>
Subject: [Debconf-team] hacklab and davis networking changes to benefit
	video team
To: DebConf-Team List <debconf-team@lists.debconf.org>

Q and micah and i talked through the network configurations yesterday
and made some decisions about the network.  These decisions were spurred
by some networking failures experienced by the video team that resulted
(afaict) in the loss of some video recordings (and the failure of some
live streams).

The changes are:

 * both hacklabs are now individually NAT'ed.  machines in the CS Lounge
should get IP addresses in the range, and machines in
Carleton should get addresses in the range.

 * we are no longer bridging IPv6 traffic out of the NAT -- there was
too much Multicast and broadcast traffic generated, which was choking
switches that the v-t really needs to not be choked.  Instead, we're
using a Hurricane-electric-provided IPv6 tunnel to map a public /64
range to each hacklab.  Carleton has 2001:470:1f07:a54::/64  and the CS
lounge has 2001:470:1f07:a55::/64

 * Davis no longer has debconf-provided wireless for attendees.  Sorry,
but getting the video stream running is more important than letting
people surf the web or check mail during talks.  if you want to use the
'net during a talk in Davis, please either use the Columbia Wireless
(which tends to fail when > ~12 people use it concurrently) or leave
Davis and go to one of the hacklabs.

i'm happy to discuss the rationales and implementation details, and to
consider proposals for how to get attendee wireless back into Davis.
But please talk to me, Micah, Andrew, or Q about it.  And do *not* try
to change the infrastructure without talking it over with us beforehand.
 we'd like to have things more stable for attendees than we've been able
to thus far.



PS big thanks to Raphael for his help in getting these changes deployed
to the hacklabs last night.

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