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Re: [Debconf-video] dvswitch segmentation fault

On Thu, 2007-07-05 at 12:41 +1000, Beren Walters wrote:
> I'm still having issues getting dvswitch to run on a fresh Etch
> install with a single local camera connecting via the loopback
> address.
> Dvswitch segfaults when the first camera connects, after displaying a
> full single frame (although you can only see this when using GDB).
> dvgrab etc all works fine and dvsource-firewire seems to chug along
> happily though it all. 
> I think there may be a bug with the installer paths: with the code
> referencing pngs at /usr/local/share/dvswitch/ but files installed
> to /usr/share/dvswitch/ but adding symbolic links didn't seem to help
> the segfault so that is either unrelated or I was wrong. 

It sounds like you left the prefix as the default /usr/local when
running "make" and then set it to /usr when running "make install".
That won't work, since the prefix has to be known when compiling the
code.  I suggest you use dpkg-buildpackage and then dpkg to install on a
Debian system.

> I finally managed to get the debug symbols happening and it appears to
> segfault in dv_thumb_display_widget when it tries to reference x_image
> which is a null pointer.

It looks like dvswitch failed to create an XImage for the preview
display, but then tried to draw the display anyway.  This is indeed a
bug.  However, fixing that bug won't help you much since you won't have
any preview displays.

Are you using a 16-bit display mode?   I forgot to mention in the
documentation that you need to use a 24-bit or 32-bit display.


Ben Hutchings
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