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Re: [Debconf-video] dvswitch segmentation fault

Thanks for your response Herman.  Let me know if I should not be CCing the list.

One general question - is there a way to record the raw feeds as well as the switched output?  It can be on a seperate capture PC if required. 

On 7/1/07, Herman Robak <herman@skolelinux.no> wrote:
On Sun, 01 Jul 2007 09:02:43 +0200, Beren Walters <berenwalters@gmail.com>

> Guys,
> Is dvswitch still under development?

  It started just a few months ago, and the first major was being used for
the video streams from Debconf7 in Edinburgh.  That was two weeks ago.
Dvswitch performed very well, considering the short period of development.

  In its current state, it is prudent to have Ben (the developer) nearby,
though.  That's why I am cc-ing the Debconf Video Team's mailing list.

I'm glad it all went fairly well - I did read a bit of the video team notes.  Sounds like most of the issues were the usual issues you have with location shoots (bumped cameras, audio issues, the world conspiring against you) so it was an excellent result for such a youthful project.

> I work for a community television
> station and thought it sounded like a great way we could switch live
> recordings on a tight budget.

  If you have many computers and a few computer geeks to run the show,
that is.  Those are commodities at gatherings like Debconf.

  We have not yet developed support for tally lights, talkback and
colour correction or fading/wiping/PiP (in that order-ish).

Well computers I have but I'm a bit solo on the geek front.

The initial install I wanted to trial is in our studio - so the cameras all have tally lights, we have talkback from the mixer, the JVC5101 cameras we use are all balanced so most of the list isn't a concern for me at the moment.

Wipes it would be good to have, especially dissolves.

Something I would be interested in exploring (and I can offer assistance here although my C/C++ is a bit rusty) is an ability to perform realtime chroma-keying between channels.  We only have a small studio, but a lovely infinity wall for chroma.

> All of the packages seem up to date and installed fine under Debian Etch
> (XFce desktop, all latest updates) but everytime the dvswitch executable
> received the first frame of video from dvsource-firewire (either from
> file
> or firewire is the same and dvgrab works fine with the command line in
> the
> dvsource-firewire source files) it causes a segmentation fault.

  Is this from an NTSC or PAL camera?

PAL. To be specific a Sony DCR-HC20E PAL, but it was the same when I tried it at work with the JVC 5101s (also PAL).

> Strace wasn't particularly helpfull (it ends with an mmap2 - I can
> supply if
> it will help).
> I have recompiled the packages trying to get symbols for gdb but haven't
> managed it yet so gdb wouldn't show me the line in your prog that was the
> issue - the backtrace without the symbols is roughly:
> std::range_error::~range_error
> (repeats a few times)
> GLib::IOSource::dispatch
> GLib::Source::dispatch_vfunc
> g_main_context_dispatch
> g_main_context_check
> g_main_loop_run
> gtk_main
> Gtk::Main::run_impl
> Gtk::Main::run
> ??
> ___libc_start_main
> ??
> I can send all of this too you if it will help but I thought there might
> be
> something simple I was missing.
> Thanks for your time guys - great project.
> Beren.

  I'll refer to Ben; he might know what questions to ask...

Herman Robak

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