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Re: [Debconf-video] please provide me with the facts

On Monday 18 June 2007 21:56, martin f krafft wrote:
> I would like to publish a press release about our video streaming
> and preparation, and I would appreciate if you could help me by
> providing the facts, such as:
>   - how many mirrors are there?

16, see the bottom at 


>   - what is the amount of data we create each day? in Gb? in hours
>     of footage?

the hours are in penta, its 13gb raw data per hour (25mbit per sec). we'll 
keep files with 4mbit, 1mbit and 300kbit. we stream with 300kbit.

we have a 1.5tb raid to process the data. 

i expect 200-300gb of archived data once dc7 is over

>   - how many are working on the team?

core: 12
whole: 24


>   - how many talks are you expecting to have captured at the end of
>     debconf?

see penta. 150?

>   - when will the videos be available for download?

we aim to have them available the day after, though some will need some 
processing later...

some are already there: 

>   - anything else you think is worth a mention or outstanding of any
>     sort.

> If I have more questions, shall I contact the list or someone
> specific? Whom?

the list is fine or grab me in person.

sorry for such short+somewhat unspecific answers, but i wanted to reply now 
and am in the middle of two things.... Just show us the pre-final press 
release and i'll review+correct it ;-)


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