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[Debconf-video] Review results

Together we got all recordings reviewed before closing time today
(except two very short recordings that are fairly sure to be junk).
Well done!

Missing files

We did not find recordings for the following events:

Data Mining Popcon
Losing the Elderly
Debian Installer - an update
Dependency based boot sequence
Rewriting the Policy to be machine interpretable

Software Quality Observatory: An EC Research Project
Debian in Venezuela, International Projects and Debian User Groups.
howto include CDDs in lenny
A LaTeX beamer theme for Debian
Wacky Ideas II

We have NO FILES from the upper talk room on the afternoon of the 17th!
We will have to grab all of these from tape and they will be mising all
shots from cameras 2 and 3.

I'm not sure how this happened.  I have a horrible feeling that I might
have stopped the file sink after the morning and not restarted it in the
afternoon.  Could we make a practice of quitting dvswitch after the
morning session and starting it again (with dc-record-stream) for the
afternoon session?

The missing files from today are all for BoFs, which is not too bad.  I
believe we have tapes for many of these, anyway.  But grabbing from
tapes is slow so we would prefer to avoid it.

Incorrect review

The times for OpenStreetMap were bogus (start 00:27:29 and end 00:00:00)
so I have deleted that review.  Please check your times carefully!  Do
not leave either field blank!

Reviewing transcoded files

We also need to start reviewing the transcoded files which are smaller
and are cut to the specified lengths.  Select the "Transcoding status"
button in the left margin to see them.  There is currently a bug that
makes the links to these wrong, but this should be fixed before tomorrow
evening.  Holger and I will be carrying these files home, and some of
them will go to meetings-archive.  We cannot take all the DV files home
because they are too large.

We should cover the "archival" files first.  These are supposed to be
good enough that Holger and I can use them to generate the other
versions if they are not done before we leave.


Ben Hutchings
Every program is either trivial or else contains at least one bug

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