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Re: [Debconf-video] Minutes from 2007-06-12

On Wed, Jun 13, 2007 at 09:14:51PM +0200, Tore Sinding Bekkedal wrote:
> Here's the minutes of yesterday's meeting.
> Minutes of the Debconf7 video team meeting 
> ------Tue Jun 12 21:22:52 CEST 2007-------
> Holger explains about Pentabarf.
> Erich (is this edrz?) and daven - and another one -  don't have an account.
> The people lacking accounts will email Holger with their public-key ID.
> To change password, use db.debconf.org.

Eric Rzewnicki == edrz. I have a penta account ... not sure if the above
two are one item or seperate issues. It may not matter, see below.

> edrz is bringing Shadow, the capture machine on Friday.  A proper training
> of the dvswitch will happen on Friday, done by Ben. Some informal training
> will be available before this tomorrow while testing the setup.

was supposed to be by midday Thursday, but see my sob story on irc (also
pasted at the end here.)

-Eric Rz.

01:19 < edrz> so, i was _supposed_ to be arriving in Glasgow in 1.5
hours or so.
01:19 < edrz> but,
01:19 < edrz> my flight from DC to Boston was delayed about 2.5 hours
01:20 < edrz> and by the time I got my bags and across to the other
side of the airport
01:20 < edrz> flyglobspan staff were nowhere to be seen, heard or
spoken to
01:21 < edrz> no one to check me in, no one to give me a boarding pass
and noone to talk to
01:21 < edrz> to ask them to wait or send someone out.
01:21 < edrz> so, back to the other side of the airport
01:21 < edrz> and Delta was just about as helpful.
01:21 < edrz> all they would do was send me home.
01:22 < edrz> which i settled for in defeat
01:22 < edrz> but,
01:22 < edrz> to add insult to injury
01:22 < edrz> they lost my luggage
01:22 < edrz> so
01:22 < edrz> now
01:22 < edrz> i've been awake for 21 hours.
01:22 < edrz> i have no luggage
01:23 < edrz> no gear
01:23 < edrz> and i'm nowhere near edinburgh
01:23 < edrz> at this point I don't know if I'll be making it at all.
01:23 < edrz> I could possibly get a flight to Edinburgh tomorrow
01:24 < edrz> and be there by Friday morning
01:24 < edrz> but Delta says they "might" deliver my bags to my home
"if" they find them sometime later this morning.
01:26 < edrz> if they do, i'll see if flyglobespan will still honor my
return fare.
01:26 < edrz> however, it's tough to swallow an additional U$D1000+
for a one way ticket.
01:27 < edrz> so, after this and my hellish experience at LAC2007 I'm
wondering if maybe
01:27 < edrz> just maybe,
01:27 < edrz> i'm just not meant to do this video at Free Software
conferences thing.
01:28  * edrz goes to attempt to sleep

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