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[Debconf-video] Minutes from 2007-06-12

Here's the minutes of yesterday's meeting.

Minutes of the Debconf7 video team meeting 
------Tue Jun 12 21:22:52 CEST 2007-------

Holger explains about Pentabarf.

Erich (is this edrz?) and daven - and another one -  don't have an account.
The people lacking accounts will email Holger with their public-key ID.
To change password, use db.debconf.org.

Tore and optionally someone else (If you want to help, volunteer) will set
up the Talk room 2. Gear will arrive by tomorrow. Gear is provided by kevc.

The machines will be installed while in the BoF 2 (Upper BoF)

edrz is bringing Shadow, the capture machine on Friday.  A proper training
of the dvswitch will happen on Friday, done by Ben. Some informal training
will be available before this tomorrow while testing the setup.

Michael will laminate the 5/10/15-minute cards and cheat sheets for the 
cams. Some cheat sheets still missing. Suggested to not throw these
away every year, as they will be needed every year.

(After the meeting)

daven has been asked about the multicore cables which have popped 
up in London.

See you next meeting, in about... six minutes. :)


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