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[Debconf-video] SSH host fingerprints

For those who need to know, the SSH host fingerprints of the video
machines here are:

itchy 4f:01:19:d7:99:7e:af:0a:0e:77:2f:fa:f4:3d:35:4a
scratchy ed:da:d8:63:2b:55:1c:50:49:96:6b:97:3c:64:8c:4b
patty cc:57:b6:89:7d:a3:22:e8:2d:66:c3:5b:fe:91:f5:73
selma d7:2c:88:1c:99:c1:ff:e1:da:aa:0b:4d:60:44:56:1b
hashbaz 20:ec:f0:94:c9:d3:0a:46:29:8f:33:2b:7c:50:3b:be
mrwhite 51:65:eb:65:c7:de:04:07:05:b9:3b:30:88:45:f5:81
mickey e8:56:56:de:58:1b:10:0d:0d:97:2e:f2:c8:04:08:1d
donald 4b:25:60:e6:8c:3b:ae:2a:9d:42:4a:dd:8c:ff:10:8e
daffy 2c:42:6d:46:79:5f:1d:93:57:f5:d8:5a:4b:4d:a9:dc

(You will be checking my GPG signature, right?)


Ben Hutchings
A free society is one where it is safe to be unpopular. - Adlai Stevenson

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