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[Debconf-video] Minutes from today's meeting

[ This was my first #debconf-video meeting so corrections/clarifications
to these minutes would be nice if I got something wrong/unclear ]

The agenda for the meeting was:
  * Setup overview
  * Team members and availability - overview
  * Equipment, Cams and Computer
  * Software
  * Lighting
  * Training sessions
  * Streaming network 

* Setup overview

It was noted that there won't be direct access the computers in Teviot after 10
pm (only a wireless link, hopefully). Putting cameras in the BoFs were
discussed, it would be nice to have them, the lacking resource would probably
be man power. BoFs are important too. Probably a DIY setup for the BoFs
would do.

* Team members and availability

Available people is listed at[1] pixie is managing that mostly, and assigning
staff. We'll need arrival/departure date for those

* Equipment, Cams and Computer

All hardware stuff should be listed in[2]. NTSC camera should be used as backup
only to simplify post processing. We should come up with an approximate figure
for needed cat5 cable. Two Gig-E switches would be needed for the two mixing
machines in talk room 1 and 2. We will get a machine with 6*400G hdd from a
sponsor for local storage.

There are 5k but we don't know if those are USD or GBP and that's a big
difference, tapes should be bought with that budget, also there's some concern
about money allocated from that for non-video-team stuff (projectors).
Microphones, amplificators, speakers will be bough/rent with this budget.

We need lots of tripods, Womble2 will put an appeal for tripods on
debconf-announce, firewire cables, cards, ethernet cards, flatscreens could be
included too.

* Software

We will be etch based, and backport stuff as we go (i.e. ffmpeg2theora has
newer version, Womble2 has an (yet) unapplied patch for ffmpeg. 

A naming convention for DV to archival format should be used,
72_debian-community.org_lowres.ogg is proposed, where 72 is penta activity ID,
debian-community.org is the short-name and lowres is a format defined by us.
That's what ccc is using too. We'll probably have some non-activities shots
also, so we should sort them out. This is mostly a TODO.

Only free formats is fine for us.

* Lighting

Talkroom 2 is in the basement, there are lights in the room, we don't at
the moment if they will be acceptable or not, Teviot gear for this could
be used, but we would need to pay for it (kevc should have figures for
the prices , so we should sort budget first. This is again mostly a

* Training sessions

The 15th is probably the best date for an in hands training/talk, we
should cross-check this with people availability. Something like[3] for
all the cameras would be nice (printed and kept with each camera). Dry
runs in each room pre-debian day would be essential. Daven offered for
the talk.

* Streaming network 

We should have the master internally, a relay outside, and further relays
connected to that (as last year) and served in a round-robin dns. External
relays wouldn't be a problem, we could have one or more from debconf.org and
h01ger will contact last year server operators. This is mostly sorted out.

* Random stuff

Regular 10min RL-team meetings every day worked very well at LCA, and would be
great to decide who will do what the next day.

[1] http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf7/videoteam/Setup/Crew
[2] http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf7/videoteam/hardware
[3] http://womble.decadent.org.uk/tmp/debconf-video-cheat-sheet-jvc.html

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