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Re: [Debconf-video] Minutes from today's meeting


On Tuesday 29 May 2007 23:23, Damián Viano wrote:
> [ This was my first #debconf-video meeting so corrections/clarifications
> to these minutes would be nice if I got something wrong/unclear ]

to me the minutes look pretty good, thanks a lot! :)

Just three minor corrections/additions:

> * Setup overview
> It was noted that there won't be direct access the computers in Teviot
> after 10 pm (only a wireless link, hopefully).

We will be in a different building at night...

> Putting cameras in the BoFs 
> were discussed, it would be nice to have them, the lacking resource would
> probably be man power. BoFs are important too. Probably a DIY setup for the
> BoFs would do.

We discussed to put cameras and computers in BofRoom1 and leave BofRoom2 
empty. If a BOF wants to be videoed, they need to in room 1 then :)

> There are 5k but we don't know if those are USD or GBP and that's a big
> difference, tapes should be bought with that budget, also there's some
> concern about money allocated from that for non-video-team stuff
> (projectors). Microphones, amplificators, speakers will be bough/rent with
> this budget.

After looking in the budget-file and asking on #debconf-team I now know that 
those are 5000 GBP and they are planned for projectors and PAs (which Kevin 
and Daven will organize). 

We also have a budget of 450 GBP for "video" (I believe this is 250 GBP for 
those three harddrives and 200 GBP for tapes'n'stuff, which I will both buy.) 
and 200 GBP for "audio", for renting/buying mics, cables'n'stuff - which 
AFAIK we havent really planned exactly currently. Which is ok for now :) 

And, as DebConf7 is pretty low on money: those numbers are *maximum*, we are 
free to spend less :)


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