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Re: meetings-archive setup


On Monday 29 August 2005 14:42, Erik Johansson erjohan@kth.se wrote:
> So what are the plans for meeting-archive?  (That's what I will call
> the homepage listing the debconf videos etc.) 

The university of Tilburg is currently hosting http://dc5video.debian.net, but 
they wont host it permanently. But I got an very good offer for an mirror of 
it, which I allready asked if it could become the primary "mirror".  Once 
this is settled, I want the hostname to be changed to de

Jeroen van Wolffelaar is hosting the source server, which he and me can access 
via ssh/scp. dc5video.debian.net rsyncs from that host.

One core problem at debconf5 was the video raid or rather the connection to 
it: the videoraid was not in the same LAN as the video editing machines. For 
debconf6 we definitly need a videoraid (with 2TB ?!) in the local LAN. And 
those workflow enhancements you describe below. And then we can rsync stuff 
from there to Jeroens machine (if that stays like this til then.)

> It is loosly realated to 
> debconf5. 

you meant 6 ?

> 1. I know workflow is on the schedule for the meeting, and that's
> good. Perhaps the battle plan will actually survive the first days.
> Getting the meeting-archive up before debconf is vital, I see it as an
> info gathering place rather than the current video depository.

I want personal user accounts on every video machine via ldap. I want nfs and 
gigabit-lan between editing machines and raid. I also want laptops with 
gigabit. And 80gb local harddiscs.

I saved all of /etc on every machine and we have some bits in FAI. I want to 
have a working FAI setup (at least for the clients) before debconf6. 

Do you agree ? Disagree ? Anything else ?

> 2.  It was a realy pain updating info listing in the Wiki... Creating
> links etc, now  guess this could be done with a database, but I'm
> afraid that it would be just as hard and not as flexible.

Hmm, no idea now.

> 3. Editing is hard, if you really want to have 8 people working on
> editing then you have to have one guy directing all of them and
> telling them what to do. I felt it was utter chaos when we did the
> editing, John and Herman did a great job but I couldn't do much
> myself.

So we should request more machines for editing ? Or were two enough and is 
this a matter of workflow / shifts ? IMHO we should aim for more people and 
more shifts, i.e. editing while taping new talks... 

Do we need extra number crunching machines to convert files from one format 
into the other ?

> I wish we could have some creative flamewars...



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