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meetings-archive setup

Hi again

So what are the plans for meeting-archive?  (That's what I will call
the homepage listing the debconf videos etc.) It is loosly realated to
debconf5. The hardest part when setting up the info about the videos

1. few people had access to the right place to put the video files and info
2. Updating info about the talks.
3. knowing what revision of the video that could be removed/published.

1. I know workflow is on the schedule for the meeting, and that's
good. Perhaps the battle plan will actually survive the first days.
Getting the meeting-archive up before debconf is vital, I see it as an
info gathering place rather than the current video depository.

2.  It was a realy pain updating info listing in the Wiki... Creating
links etc, now  guess this could be done with a database, but I'm
afraid that it would be just as hard and not as flexible.

3. Editing is hard, if you really want to have 8 people working on
editing then you have to have one guy directing all of them and
telling them what to do. I felt it was utter chaos when we did the
editing, John and Herman did a great job but I couldn't do much

I wish we could have some creative flamewars... 


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