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Re: Requests to DC20 bid teams, deadline 17.02.2019 23:59 UTC.

On 08/02/2019 10:28, Daniel Lange wrote:
> Dear DC20 bid teams,
> We are in the process of evaluating both of your bids and need some
> additional information before coming to a final decision.
> You may have received some of these requests before, but in summary:
> For team Haifa:
> o Please amend your budget estimation with the conference dinner
>   sponsored attendee quota.

Tumbleweed already mentioned this issue with me and I answered this to
him as well as on IRC.

The current budget assumes all Debconf attendees will be sponsored for
the conference dinner. This has been the case in recent years, and it
would be nice to keep it this way.

The budget would allow dinner, but not extra alcoholic drinks.

> o Please supply grand totals for the whole of DebCamp and DebConf for
>   any given guesstimate of attendees.

I added totals for Debconf and Debcamp for most expenses. I hope this is
what you're after. For scenarios, I suspect it's better to just play
with the numbers there. I can provide a few other sets. I have
color-coded the constants: I marked the estimates I'm more certain about
with a gray background. For the others I suspect you may have better
estimates than my own.

I still don't have a good estimate for the insurance. The answer we got
from the University is that it is likely to cover the costs based on
experince with existing conferences in the University.

-- Tzafrir

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