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Re: DebConf19 budget approval request

On Mon, Jan 28, 2019 at 06:54:27PM +0100, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Hi Antonio,
> Thanks for sending this over so early!
> > - Total expenses are similar to DC18, right below ~160k USD
> I note that you only have listed confirmed sponsors (as is right &
> proper for the budget ledger) and that you further volunteers
> standing by to kick into top gear to work on this.
> However, do we have a estimated *projected* figure for this? I
> naturally understand it would be completely a gut feel at this
> point.

I would expect more or less the same amount as last year, i.e. ~140k

> > - in income we are assuming 1k USD in attendee registrations. AFAICT
> >   this is how much was paid in registrations at DC18
> That seems…low. I mean, without checking the numbers, that would
> only be 3-odd "Corporate"-level tickets and I can probably name at
> least two.

yes. Maybe I couldn't find my way through the DC18 accounting. I'm
trying to get the correct figure.

> >            23,23 USD    meetings
> Hm?

This is bug in wrapper script we use for the ledger, it is including the
expenses already made (with the last sprint) in the budget. pollo
already fixed it, and this won't be present in the next round.

> >         3.119,44 USD      havaianas
> TIL "havaianas"…  (Also, spoilers!)
> >         3.982,27 USD    travel costs for invited speaker
> Who/what/unconfirmed, etc.?

It's the amount we are planning to spend to bring invited speakers.
there is no confirmation of a specific one yet.

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