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DebConf19 budget approval request


This is the first version of the DebConf19 budget.

A few upfront observations:

- Total expenses are similar to DC18, right below ~160k USD

- As usual, the vast majority of the expenses is with attendance
  (travel, accommodation, and food).

- Sponsorship income includes only confirmed sponsors so far; we are
  ready to cut down on costs if we don't reach the amount we are
  currently missing. As a consequence of the previous point, this
  unfortunately means sponsoring less attendees.

  - Therefore, the negative balance in assets:SPI, a little over 120k USD,
    is what we are missing to break even at the moment.

  - We already have 3 new volunteers to contact sponsors, besides myself, who
    should start doing so shortly.

- in income we are assuming 1k USD in attendee registrations. AFAICT
  this is how much was paid in registrations at DC18, and is the amount
  that I could gather from the accounting in the dc18/data repository,
  but I may be wrong (ledger newbie here). Please feel free to correct

The budget:

     -123.152,25 USD  assets:SPI
      157.347,86 USD  expenses
       70.000,00 USD    bursaries
       60.000,00 USD      bursaries
       10.000,00 USD      diversity
          794,33 USD    child care
          657,69 USD    graphic materials
           27,14 USD      banner entrance
           84,81 USD      banner logos
          210,26 USD      banner room
          238,94 USD      banner signs
           96,55 USD      poster a3
          398,23 USD    insurance
        1.327,42 USD    internet link
           23,23 USD    meetings
       10.422,92 USD    party
        1.327,42 USD      cheese and wine
        9.095,49 USD      conference dinner
       60.147,08 USD    roomboard
       44.695,89 USD      accommodation
       44.085,27 USD        bedrooms
          477,87 USD        cleaning
          132,74 USD        vegan food
       15.451,19 USD      food
       15.398,09 USD        catering
           53,10 USD        coffee and tea
        6.463,22 USD    swag
        2.653,52 USD      backpack
        3.119,44 USD      havaianas
          597,34 USD      lanyard
           92,92 USD      sleeve
        2.588,47 USD    t-shirt
        3.982,27 USD    travel costs for invited speaker
          530,97 USD    venue:staff
           12,05 USD    video
      -34.108,39 USD  incomes
       -1.000,00 USD    registration
      -33.108,39 USD    sponsors
       -1.858,39 USD      bronze
      -20.000,00 USD      platinum
      -10.000,00 USD      silver
       -1.250,00 USD      supporter
          -87,23 USD  liabilities
          -12,05 USD    helen
          -75,18 USD    phls

Feel free to let us know what you think.

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