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Re: DebConf19 budget approval request

Hi, I have of the answers.

 ---- On Mon, 28 Jan 2019 20:26:26 -0200 Louis-Philippe Véronneau <pollo@debian.org> wrote ---- 

 > >        70.000,00 USD    bursaries 
 > >        60.000,00 USD      bursaries 
 > >        10.000,00 USD      diversity 
 > Have you talked with the bursaries team about this? Do you know if they 
 > have any goals for DC19? 

No, we just copy and past from DC18.

 > Wondering what 'internet link' is. Are we paying for a better internet 
 > connection? 
Yes, we will have to improve the link at the hotel to the hacklabs.

 > >            23,23 USD    meetings 

Just to know: I asked to pollo personally now in Brussels (video team sprint), we will adjust this,

 > Just wondering why 'vegan food' is separate from 'food' 

The hotel has the regular breakfeast. We are planning to buy some vegan food to complete the menu. Like some cake, vegan milk, ghee butter.

 > Is there a reason why 't-shirt' isn't under 'swag'? What is the 'sleeve' 
 > item? 

We will change t-shirt under swag.

We were calling this as sleeve:

Best regards,

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