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Re: DebConf19 updates - October 2018

    Hey there.

 I have a few questions about this, and would like to have some
clearification here:

* Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@debian.org> [2018-11-03 16:55:17 CET]:
> On the recent Brazilian elections
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> As you most probably know, on October 28th Brazil elected a new president,
> Jair Bolsonaro, which is considered by many as a Far-Right populist. We all
> from the local team have our personal opinions on the topic, but let's try
> to be as neutral and objective as humanly possible.

 "is considered by many" sounds much like trying to avoid to state it
clearly.  He actually is, especially with respect to the statements you
mentioned that he did in the past.

 And speaking about "have our personal opinions on the topic" sounds
very much as if there are Bolsonaro supporters within the local team.
Do I read that correct, or what else is the personal opinions referring

> We understand that several people are concerned about coming to Brazil for
> DebConf19. We respect that, but at this point it is too soon to make any
> predictions about what could and could not happen in the future.

 Sorry, but the "too soon to make any predictions" is *exactly* what was
thrown around after the Trump election.  Please don't downplay the
issue that way.

> Yes, there will be many policies implemented that will be unpopular to many,

 "unpopular to many" sounds pretty off-putting, frankly spoken.  Given
that cutting rights of minorities often isn't that unpopular to many,
this wording makes it sound a fair bit alarming. :/

> and the president elect did make several racist, homophobic and misogynous
> statements in the distant and not so distant past. But his term only begins
> January 1st, and at the moment we have no data to assume any specific change in
> Brazilian society and its institutions that justify specific concerns. A lot of

 Uhm ...  His election does very much justify specific concerns.

> voters and politicians decided to support him despite -- and not because of --
> his questionable ideas, because they considered the alternative to be worse; it
> is reasonable to expect that he will not have the political support to actually
> enact anti human rights policies.

 A lot of voters ignored his "questionable ideas" (oh, how nice that
sounds when you aren't in the target audience of his comments) and thus
they are enablers and accomplice of regulations along the way.  That
means that a lot of voters are absolutely fine with having the rights
and safety of minorities (and women, which we all are aware that they
aren't a minority) put at stake, or simply don't care, which isn't very
much better.

 But, and I think this is very crucial: in what way does he need
"political support to actually enact anti human rights policies"?  I
don't know much about the Brazilian political system, so it would be
very helpful to understand it better.  Trump didn't need any political
support, likewise Kurz & Strache don't need it neither over here in
Austria, and they just put them into place left and right.  From what I
know about political systems in general, the people in power actually
*do* have powers.

 How much power in that respect Bolsonaro has actually, and what can he
actually do?

 ... which still ignores the fact that Brazil is the country with the
highest murder rate against trans women, even before Bolsonaro got
elected, and having him elected won't reduce the hate crimes going on,
rather the contrary.  The supporters on his view will feel empowerment
through his election, regardless of whether he can actually put laws
into place or not.

 I've recently had the pleasure to talk two two activists from Brazil,
and it is very clear that you try to downtalk the issue here instead of
addressing it as it is.  Only positive thing that I've heard from them
seems to be that Curitiba is gladly a less problematic place than many
others in the country.

 Thanks for taking the concerns serious.
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