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[Budget approval request] DC19 local team sprint

Hi Chris and dc-team,

As scheduled, we will realize our DC19 sprint during the Campus Party
event [1], from 12th to 17th, February 2019. For this we request
approval of the following budget to cover the expenses of local team
members who do not live in city of São Paulo - city that will happen the
Campus party event.

People who will attend sprint that need reimbursement:
- Adriana Costa
- Daniel Lenharo
- Giovani Ferreira
- Paulo Santana


* Food: US$ 500
* Accommodation: US$ 500
* Travel: US$150

Total: US$ 1150

Why do on campus?
During the event, we will have internet structure, tables that can be
used all day.
Another point is that fewer people need reimbursement, reducing expenses.

Best Regards

[1] http://brasil.campus-party.org/

Daniel Lenharo de Souza
GPG: 31D8 0509 460E FB31 DF4B
     9629 FB0E 132D DB0A A5B1

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