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Re: Question regarding talk slot for sponsor

Hi Paulo,

Am 12.09.2018 um 15:44 schrieb Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana:
> ----- Mensagem original -----
>> De: "Daniel Lange" <DLange@debian.org>
>> Bronze is really low, we did this for Gold or Platinum in the past.
>> You'd have ~25 or so potential talks otherwise, that's ... a lot.
> We have talked about open this possibility only to local companies because in BRL the tiers are relatively high.
> In my opinion, we could open this only to local companies talk in portuguese in Open Day.
> Probably we will not have many local companies sponsoring anyway, so i believe we will need few slots.

That sounds very reasonable.

Just note that out of your ~200 or so foreign attendees nearly all will
be either in "the other talk", in the hacklab (aka at the Hotel as far
as your current plans are) or doing another day trip.
Probably depending on how-much Portuguese only content there is for
"open day". That should not discourage you as local reach-out and
infusing the local community is an explicit goal of moving the DebConf
around the globe each year. But there may be less international people
to meet for the locals than you anticipate if you do not have a reason
for the foreigners to stay on-site. Explicit keysigning, workshops, Q&A
sessions, simultaneous translation come to mind as potential remedies.
I'm easy, a good BBQ is known to work for me :).

Best regards,

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