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Re: Question regarding talk slot for sponsor

Hi Helen,

Am 12.09.2018 um 14:45 schrieb Helen Koike:
>     Usually in Brazil, when a company sponsors an event, they usually
> get a talk slot too.
>     So we were wondering:
>         If (and only if) a sponsoring company request explicitly for a
> talk slot, would it be ok to say yes if it follow requirements
> are met? : [..]

We've done talk slots for sponsors before. On the conditions you
mentioned (i.e. they need to be about a FLOSS contribution, relevant to
the attendees and not advertising) that was deemed o.k. in the past.

>             - The sponsor must be tier bronze or higher

Bronze is really low, we did this for Gold or Platinum in the past.
You'd have ~25 or so potential talks otherwise, that's ... a lot.

Yes, not everybody will ask for it but you asked on -team and that is a
public mailing-list, so you can assume people will find out.

Kind regards,

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