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Question regarding talk slot for sponsor

Hello all,


    Usually in Brazil, when a company sponsors an event, they usually
get a talk slot too.
    Our current sponsorship plan doesn't include any possibility to get
a talk slot.
    So we were wondering:
        If (and only if) a sponsoring company request explicitly for a
talk slot, would it be ok to say yes if it follow requirements are met? :
            - The talk would be schedule in the Open Day
            - The subject of the talk **must* be about Debian, and it
**must not** be commercial/advertisement/promoting something
            - The sponsor **must** send us the slides in advance, so we
can verify if the content meet the previous requirement
            - The sponsor must be tier bronze or higher
        Note 1: we already have experience in this kind of negotiation
in Brazil (with the above requirements)
        Note 2: we don't need to add this in the sponsorship brochure

What do you think?

Thanks for your guidance

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