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Re: [DebConf18] Extending job fairs to 3 days (Open Day + 2 days in DebConf)

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On 18/05/2018, Daniel Lange <DLange@debian.org> wrote:
> Am 18.05.2018 um 04:05 schrieb Yao Wei:
>> On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 11:55:47PM +0800, Yao Wei wrote:
>> Also one of the local sponsors asks that if we do something special to
>> job fair, comparing to the sponsor booths of the following days.
> Usually we make the job fair explicit in the schedule (so prevent
> lectures to take place at the same time). That way everybody can attend
> and there is a good crowd roaming around the job fair for three or so
> hours. This is good for the attendees (not too explicit who's looking
> for new employment and who's only casually chatting to people) and good
> for the sponsors (good frequency, busy booths).

+ 1

> The sponsor booths on the contrary are just "there" where people pass
> between lectures when changing rooms. They offer an opportunity for a
> company to present their products or give away something to attendees in
> return for interest in their company. We had this in all of the last
> three years and as I said during the meeting yesterday, results are
> mixed. The Luzbot (Aleph Objects) people (booth manned by a community
> member) in South Africa had great frequency for multiple days as the
> produced Debian logos in 3D and people were generally interested in 3D
> printing and their products. The SFL people in Canada had great
> frequency as they have a very good connection to the local community so
> many people came around to chat and they had T-Shirts to give away, too.
> The Purism people (also in Canada) demoed their laptops which made their
> sponsors booth rather full for any time between lectures or around
> lunch. They also agreed deals there with other companies / community
> projects so for them it seems to have been a very successful participation.

Can add my experience to the 2016 Luzbot fair in Debconf, may be worthwhile
for sponsors.

One of the reasons I *think* why they were successful was that they were
doing lots of 3-d printing on the spot on small and medium sized rubber-like
flexible polymer material.  The small ones were given as takeaways to
people whoever came to the stall.

The people manning the stall were genuinely interested in sharing
knowledge as to about the different formats, the types of material
they used for printing as well as the others in the industry did and
the time it took (for instance) to make a small ball of debian logo
which could be attached to a chain, sort of design, cost of materials
and some of the shortcomings of the technology as it were.
There was also talk of various repositories where designs are


I and probably many tech people had heard the 2015 the first 3d
printed apartments made in china by winsun so I and probably others
might have asked questions about that as well as printing the printer.



Overall, If the sponsors show off their stuff and are passionate about the
technology, are patient and be willing to share and discuss
about what's happening in the world, both sides would probably have
much more productive and enriching experiences.

That would lead to them finding people who would be interested
on the technology itself and may be a far better fit than other ways.

My 2 paise.


> Best regards,
> Daniel

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