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Re: [DebConf18] Extending job fairs to 3 days (Open Day + 2 days in DebConf)

Am 18.05.2018 um 04:05 schrieb Yao Wei:
> On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 11:55:47PM +0800, Yao Wei wrote:
> Also one of the local sponsors asks that if we do something special to
> job fair, comparing to the sponsor booths of the following days.

Usually we make the job fair explicit in the schedule (so prevent
lectures to take place at the same time). That way everybody can attend
and there is a good crowd roaming around the job fair for three or so
hours. This is good for the attendees (not too explicit who's looking
for new employment and who's only casually chatting to people) and good
for the sponsors (good frequency, busy booths).

The sponsor booths on the contrary are just "there" where people pass
between lectures when changing rooms. They offer an opportunity for a
company to present their products or give away something to attendees in
return for interest in their company. We had this in all of the last
three years and as I said during the meeting yesterday, results are
mixed. The Luzbot (Aleph Objects) people (booth manned by a community
member) in South Africa had great frequency for multiple days as the
produced Debian logos in 3D and people were generally interested in 3D
printing and their products. The SFL people in Canada had great
frequency as they have a very good connection to the local community so
many people came around to chat and they had T-Shirts to give away, too.
The Purism people (also in Canada) demoed their laptops which made their
sponsors booth rather full for any time between lectures or around
lunch. They also agreed deals there with other companies / community
projects so for them it seems to have been a very successful participation.

Now other booths didn't work so well, I won't name these companies but
there have been some (esp. during DC15) which were at some point not
even manned (or womanned) by their own employees anymore because they
got so bored with standing around having nothing to show and nothing to
give out.

So the story here is: For three hours with the common topic of "would we
want to work together" (job fair) and table with a logo and two nice
people works and gets us a positive experience for the attendees and the

A multiple-day sponsors booth needs to have a reason to exist that works
for our attendees or it will be a very boring place and produce a
frustrated (and thus likely not coming back) sponsor. So we should
prevent that from happening.

So if people have a plan to usefully fill days, happily give them a
booth to inform, entertain, feed our attendees for these days. But if
they just want to show their logo and a few product flyers save them the
embarrassment and make it only a booth on open day (in addition to the
job fair time).

Best regards,

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