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Re: [DebConf18] About childcare

Sorry for the absence from the global meeting yesterday and any bad experiences.
I want to correct some information, and say more for what I think.

# childcare request information
We have 4 or 5 children need childcare.

# sitter/children ratio
I know zumbi and zumbi’s wife are pleased to help childcare.
I’m totally appreciated and welcome for that.
However, I consider it is a support not a mandatory job.
When I calculate the sitter/children ratio I will take sitters into calculation.

# Hiring people
Most sitter jobs I google in Taiwan are taking care of 2 children.
Also, I consulted a sitter matchmacking company last week.
For our case, the company suggested me for hiring 2 sitters.
The company also suggest to keep the ratio equal or lower than 1:3.
The benefit is the sitters can cover each other.

Further, the salary for sitter is only a bit higher than average.
I don’t think the sitter/child ratio can be way higher than normal cases.

I will keep the ratio below 1:3

I will make sure we think the hiring plan is fine, then I will start hiring.
At this moment, I plan to hire 2 people.
Besides, I will contact AndrewLee first.

# Deliver information
To make the communication more efficient, I will attend all the global meetings.

For any questions, you can reach me via
- email: gavinlai@debconf.org
- IRC: gavin or gavinlai
- leave questions on wiki https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf18/FAQ/Childcare

I will response as soon as possible.

BTW, thanks to medical wei, nattie, and szlin. They help me a lot!

Gavin Lai

2018-05-18 0:04 GMT+08:00 Yao Wei <mwei@lxde.org>:

During the meeting this week, zumbi asked that if that's odd to have 2-3
people for 3-4 children as he feels bad if the childcare is for his
children only (I personally believe not :P).

Also, AndrewLee says that found another potential volunteer for

Anything to follow up, zumbi?

For meeting log please see:

IMHO they should be paid if they requested so.  (Otherwise I think it
could be unfair to all babysitters and nannies.)

Yao Wei

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