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Re: Registration deadline extension - someone objects?

Andrew Lee <ajqlee@debian.org> writes:

> We will looks very bad as we occupied 600 beds for free but only use half
> of them.
> I have been told. There are also other event running in NCTU and requests
> beds but couldn't get.
> I'd suggest we have an extension for bursaries on accommodations at least.
> not for traveling.

Four comments, and a suggestion.

First, I echo Nicholas's concern about delaying the bursaries
process. Keep in mind that every change will mean a delay, if for no
other reason than that Nicholas will have to do something (e.g. webdev),
that isn't pushing the process forward. To pick a random example,
current discussion is delaying the bursaries results.

Second, I'm sceptical that bringing in two or three hundred people with
no previous contribution to Debian will benefit either Debian or those
people.  Of course we always like people from the region to benefit, but
I think such a high ratio has never been attempted.  Both technical and
social integration would be a challenge. Will someone schedule
activities every day accessible to newcomers? How about social
integration plans, so we don't split into two co-located conferences?

Third, this might reflect a lack of understanding on my part, but I'm
surprised there are so many people who would be willing to spend a week
of their life at Debconf, but for whom $5 USD a night is a barrier. If
they eat Debconf catering, that will cost them USD $13 a day.

Fourth, the rooms are not actually free to Debconf. In the latest
version of the budget this is less dramatic, but we are still renting
sleeping mats.  If you're suggesting re-opening food bursaries, that
will be a noticable budget impact, and require either giving something
else up, or more fundraising.  I suggest a target for total attendees
that takes in all of the budgetary and non-budgetary factors, not just
how many empty bedframes we have.

Finally the suggestion, from me personally, not in any official
capacity.  If the debconf team decides they want to bring in a large
group of local not-necessarily debian contributors, and has some
reasonable plan to make that work, I don't see that this necessarily
needs to involve the bursaries process/team. Our strength as the
bursaries team is assessing people's contribution to Debian (leaving
aside how imperfect that assessment necessarily is). If that isn't
relevant, then someone-else, presumably local can deal with the
whole process.


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