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Re: DC18 Budget Approval Request

On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 04:05:20PM +0100, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Ping on this?
> I would not like to reach a point where I need to be concerned that
> requests for clarification are unanswered, particularly when they
> originate from the person who needs approves the budget.
> (After some consideratiom, changing the number of potential
> attendees would have ramifications for expenses and income; please
> could you also provide, say, three scenarios (high, medium, low)
> corresponding to various levels of turnout?)


This is the third revision of the budget estimation, changes are:

  * Re-decrease the estimations of total attendees to 400 people
  * Use another spreadsheet to estimate the budgets of food and
  * Fixed an issue that I double counted the food and accommodation
  * Decrease the portion of self-paid attendees from 75% to 42.5%.
  * Estimate that 90% people will have on-site accommodations.
  * Delete Coffee/Tea and assume that's merged to Bar.

Please refer to another sheet in the spreadsheets for the food/accomm.

Sorry that I am relatively new to budget stuffs. If any of the items is
far off the previous DebConf, please tell me and I can try to fix it.

        USD -17899.5  Assets:Receivable
        USD 172940.0  Budget
          USD 5300.0    Accommodations:Sleeping mats
         USD 70000.0    Bursaries
         USD 60000.0      Bursaries
         USD 10000.0      Diversity
          USD 1500.0    Child Care
          USD 5000.0    Conference Dinner:Food
          USD 5500.0    Content
          USD 5000.0      Invited Speakers
           USD 500.0      Press
           USD 500.0    Day Trip:Buses
          USD 1000.0    Fundraising:Fulfillment
           USD 500.0    Insurance:Insurance
          USD 1000.0    Miscallenous:Incidentals
         USD 74720.0    Roomboard
          USD 6000.0      Bar
         USD 13200.0      Breakfast
         USD 26300.0      Dinner
         USD 19500.0      Lunch
          USD 9720.0      Pastries
          USD 4920.0    Swags
           USD 720.0      Badges
          USD 1600.0      Bags
            USD 50.0      Posters
           USD 150.0      Stickers
          USD 2400.0      T-shirts
          USD 3000.0    Video
          USD 1500.0      Equipment Rental
          USD 1500.0      Equipment Shipping
       USD -155040.5  Income
        USD -15000.0    Attendee:Registration
         USD -1000.0    Conference Dinner:Alcohol
       USD -108740.5    Fundraising
         USD -4000.0      Bronze
        USD -19849.0      Gold
        USD -17225.5      Governmental Funds
        USD -20000.0      Platinum
        USD -45000.0      Silver
         USD -2666.0      Supporter
        USD -30300.0    Roomboard
         USD -2220.0      Accommodation
         USD -3000.0      Bar
        USD -25080.0      Food

Yao Wei

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