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Moved public repositories


today I moved the public (debconf-data) repositories over to Salsa,
according to the pre-acked plan, which you can check at [1]

Thanks to groups and subgroups, we have a bit of a structure now, so
some repositories changed names, basically dropping now-redundant data
from them.

You can find all of the repositories now somewhere below[2] our salsa
group. As usual, all the public repositories are readable by everyone,
but if you want/need to commit something, feel free to request access.

Access: Please request access NOT to the main group, that one is limited
(as it is the global DebConf top group, also containing non-public
 subgroups), request it for the public subgroup at
or even a subgroup or project further down, should you only need that.
(Say access to mini conf repositories).

I adjusted all the urls in the mrconfig files in the data repository for
new checkouts. To adjust existing checkouts, use the salsa web access to
get the new urls, and then run

git remote set-url origin $NEWURL

to switch over to the new one.

[1] http://kosh.ganneff.de/~joerg/paste/2018-02-11-dRtqYg17xAg/salsamove.txt
[2]  https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team

bye, Joerg

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