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Re: Establish DebConf2018 Facebook page

shirish शिरीष dijo [Fri, Feb 09, 2018 at 07:29:31PM +0530]:
> > If we are still planning to create/maintain a facebook page, I can
> > volunteer for it. I would be able to respond to messages there and redirect
> > users/visitors to correct sources if they have any query.
> >
> Pranav, go for it by all means. As shared make sure you somehow hook
> up the backends so whatever is posted to the channels Laura was saying
> gets automatically posted to the FB page.
> Aside of that, you may get queries on the page. I am following the
> page, in case any queries come that I can answer, will do that, hope
> you also keep an eye out for the same.

Please don't make Debian information rely on closed, private,
parasitic channels.

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