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Open Day Promotion (was: Re: DebConf18 meeting minutes @FOSDEM2018)

On Thu, 08 Feb 2018, Hector Oron <zumbi@debian.org> wrote:
> 6. Open Day (global: Nicoo, local: Héctor, SZLin, AndrewLee)
>    - Invite local English and/or Mandarin speakers (from all over Asia)
>    - Add item in the budget for speaker sponsorship
>    - CfP already in salsa.d.o (add Open Day blurb
> https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/dc18.dc.o/issues/10 )
>    - Scope: FOSS, Social, how to become Debian contributor, how people
> using Debian in Taiwan/Asia, local projects in Debian, etc..
>    - Potential speakers: Dan Jacobson, Mwei, Hideki, Mario/Hong Phuc,
> PCMan, Steven Shiau, Arne Goetje, AndrewLee...
> 7. Publicity/Press (global: TBD, local: SZLin)
>    - Banners need to be made with sponsors logo (3 rooms)
>      - Each room must have at least 2 pop-up banners, 1 podium
>    - Announcing DC18 in local media (SZLin)
>    - Make stickers (MWei)

In previous years this has almost always been left too late[1],
particularly when it comes to advertising at local universities.

As is the case this time, it is very normal for us to be in/near a
University, which probably has an active Linux user community, but by
the time anyone thinks about promoting attendance to them it is the
summer holidays, and the students are all gone.

We then generally end up with the depressing sight of Open Day speakers
talking to a vast room containing only a handful of people, many of whom
are DDs (with their heads down, hacking, rather than really listening).

If we start to drum up interest now, people that are somewhat interested
in Debian can put the Open Day in their diaries, more enthusiastic locals
can plan to pop in for the conference for some or all days, and we might
even get people to talk about it enough to do some of our publicity for


BTW If you've already put posters up all over the University, and been
shouting via the relevant student social media, then great, maybe I
didn't need to say anything.

However, from previous years experience there is never any need to worry
about too many people turning up, but rather the opposite.

Cheers, Phil.

[1] This is not supposed to be taken as criticism -- it is clear that
there is always something that seems to be more urgent throughout the DC
cycle, so it's almost inevitable that this will be forgotten about. I
just thought I'd try to give it a nudge now to see if it might help.
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