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Re: [Debconf-team] [DC18] MEET TAIWAN gov't fund: restrictions on travel bursaries

Le 5 novembre 2017 14:41:09 GMT+01:00, Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@debian.org> a écrit :
Enrico Zini dijo [Sun, Nov 05, 2017 at 11:31:38AM +0100]:
Until the content team is formed, this seems like an opportunity or a
tool to try and make sure that there is at least one representative for
all significant teams at DebConf.

I mean, there are teams like ftp-master or DSA that a lot of other
Debian work depends on, and in a DebConf or a DebCamp without any
representative from one of those teams it would be harder to have a
whole range of discussions. I recall it happening a couple of times.

I think it would make sense to identify a list of such teams, and
reaching out to them in advance to check that some representative from
each is intending to go, and if not figure out what could be done so
that some representation can still happen.

It seems to me like a tool for inviting could help do the job.

I agree we should try to broaden the reach of our team, and that some
diversity would help. However, I don't think it should be expected for
DebConf Content to be representative of all of Debian; it should
basically be formed IMO of people that:

- Have a good feeling of what DebConf is usually like, and want to
help shape it

- Enjoy reading and deciding on things they might only half-understand
(but for which they understand the relative position and importance
for the project)

The DPL seems to me like also a valid candidate for an invite, before
the content team happens.

I do not agree with this point. Of course, having a DPL in the team
would be quite nice, but... It should not be required for a DPL, as he
has enough tasks as it stands, and it should not be required from the
team, as it could undermine or "tilt" its decision-making ability.

Anyway, would want to write more, and to polish what I've written, but
gotta run... Continue later!

Enrico didn't suggest that members of teams should join the content team. He suggested that we make sure those people will be present at the conference in some capacity, or that their representation is ensured, such that high bandwidth interactions can be had across all teams.

I think this is a very sensible proposal, and volunteer the bursaries team to at least oversee the process of handling the budgetary side of things.

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