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[Debconf-team] [DC18] MEET TAIWAN gov't fund: restrictions on travel bursaries


As nattie points out that the speaker travel bursaries may only apply to
invited speakers, I did a request to Huang, our correspondance to NCTU
to ask the MEET TAIWAN funding program if there's such restriction.  He
sent an email to me today that the travel bursaries only apply to
invited speakers.  Good catch nattie :)

As we have few invited speakers in every DebConf, gwolf said (in
#debconf-team IRC) that we can pseudo-invite regulars, but I think there
could be an bad bias where our travel bursaries can apply to.

Nevertheless the speaker travel bursaries seems good but we need to
"invite" people.  How many do we plan to invite?  And whom should we

Best regards,
Yao Wei

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