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[Debconf-team] Monday December 12th meeting


We had a meeting a few hours ago. You can find the summary at the end of
this email or on the wiki

Next meeting will be on *Monday December 12th, starting at 15:30 UTC*.
As always, the agenda can be found here: http://deb.li/il9wc

*DC16 finances & final report*

highvoltage said he would have some time soon to help Abdel with this.
The report is mostly finished and only need some pictures and a review
of the content.


We chose Le Dîner over Chartwells. This means we'll have to pay 4.5K CAD
more to be able to use the cafeteria dining space.


Venue told us we might need to hire a security guard to open the venue
doors between 22:00 and 7:00. We could also do this ourselves with
volunteers, but it seems a lot to ask.

lavamind will check with venue what our options are.


No movement. pollo will try to set up a wafer sprint to speed things up.


Red Cross wrote back to us saying they had some spare beds we could take
to create a mock up class to take pictures. We'll try to do this in the
coming weeks.


Not a lot happened on this side. We are at the point where we need some
progress report (website layout up, venue pictures, etc.) as a reason to
contact people again.

*Conference program*

No movement.

*debconf-announce subscription policy*

debconf-announce list will now be subscribe-yourself-with-validation
instead of moderation-based.

*SPI and Canada*

No updates on this.


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