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Re: [Debconf-team] Airport Shuttle option, DebConf Dinner Transport - Springbok Atlas

Hi Everyone 

Nattie asked me to explore the option of the Airport Transport to the Conference. 
and possibly at the end of the Conference. 

Please see below: 

2 x 13 Seater Shuttles, working on 1/2 hour schedules. 
ie: People arrive at 9:00am, wait to fill the shuttle, 9:30am the shuttle leaves.
They will go from the Airport to UCT and back to the Airport again. 

They have based the costing on an 8 hour day.

Cost per Shuttle: R3 435 
x2 = R 6 870
2 days x R6870 = R13 740

Perhaps we could ask if people would like this option and they pay a fee for it. 

Not sure if anything has been arranged or if Jammie shuttle can do this?
But the Quote I got from Springbok Atlas was:

Cost per 60 Seater: R2894 
4 x 60 Seater = R11 576
Cost per person: R46.30

OR the cheaper option:

We hire 1 x 60 Seater and we base the fee on an 8 hour day. 
The Bus Driver would do 4 Trips to and from the Aquarium. 
Starting at 7pm and then again to collect us.
Cost: R4510 
Cost per person R18.04

*All prices exclude VAT.

Tammy 082 674  9764

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