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Re: [Debconf-team] volunteering for the debconf by non-locals - queries.

shirish शिरीष dijo [Sat, Apr 30, 2016 at 06:30:36PM +0000]:
> (...)
> There is another way I would like to help in case I'm part of the
> debconf (this time purely selfish
> reasons). I do remember reading that some teams also do some sort of
> small cooking. As I have
> just discovered mexican cuisine few years back (nachos with different
> sauces mainly, and couple of other dishes I don't remember atm) I
> would like to offer my services to cut veggies and stuff
> and learn if there are any vegetarian mexican cooks and lovers while
> helping conversations happening in those team/s, I would strictly be
> in the cutting phase as have no idea of the different taste buds where
> multiple nationalities are concerned (so would be safe). Having some
> experience and some recipes for me back-home would be good to cook for
> self :)

I am Mexican, and was vegetarian for ~20 years. I will be delighted to
talk with you regarding how we eat. I also love Indian food.

But just as a side note: What you mention, nachos with sauces, is
*not* Mexican food. If anything, Texan food. Maybe North-Mexican. I
will be sure to take some interesting ingredients with me to Cape

But... well, we are steering very much off topic for this list. For
any replies, we can continue on private mail!

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