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Re: [Debconf-team] Video team volunteering [Was: volunteering for the debconf by non-locals - queries.]

Hi all,

Louis, shouldn't you have CC'ed the answer also to debconf-video,
anyways CCing my reply so it fills in.

This would be a slightly longish mail so please bear :-

[quote=Louis-Philippe Véronneau]

There will indeed be 3 rooms streamed this year.

We use 2 cameras per room, one taping the speaker and the other for the

The slides are not captured via a camera but with the help of a box
plugged in the speaker's laptop.

All this is live-mixed to create the output we want.


Some more elaboration on the box as well as the live-mixing would be
good but that probably would be better at debconf itself.

[quote=Louis-Philippe Véronneau]

Yeah, we start building the setup at the beginning of DebCamp. This
year we will test out a new setup in the BoF room so we will mainly
try to make it work :D

As for training, we do offer training during debcamp, but also during
debconf. Some people arrive late and still wish to help out, and it's
ok. Good chances I will be in charge of this.


That is good to know. The best thing would be to do the training bit
maybe an hour before the day's activities start, let's say if the
talks are starting at 0900 hours then maybe start the training every
day or every other day at 0800 hrs. I dunno what has worked before,
but what I have read evening is usually spent in socializing so
probably that won't be a good time. It would be nice to
know what the experience has been with this. It could probably be
written on a/the white-board too. Would be nicer if debconf-video have
their own whiteboard so it doesn't clutter with the other events that
are happening but at the same time if people are interested in this,
they know whom to approach and where to look. There probably would be
some room dedicated for the debconf-video folks (assuming) as there
would be lot of gear that needs to be stored and be ready to setup if
and where it is needed, spare audio/video/data cables, connectors for
example, I am sure there are other small and big things which will
come to mind when the videoteam thinks about it.

[quote=Louis-Philippe Véronneau]
We monitor our streams and machine automatically, but also have someone
look at IRC to be sure we did not miss anything.

That would be the main debconf channel #debconf or some other channel
alongwith #debconf.

[Slightly OT]

Btw, is the #debconf diaplayed anywhere, say near the welcome and
registration desk. Probably a good place for newcomers and experienced
people (either in debian or debconf) to strike up conversations and
have any memes happening. If it can be done, could also have a handle
saying  'newcomers' or something, some generic name and they could
post on the channel whatever they want to. It would probably need a
nice 70" TV or large LED monitor with a keyboard attached to a pi or
something. Disregard if it has already been tried and there have been
some issues.


[quote=Louis-Philippe Véronneau]

We feed on hard drives since tapes are messy. Twice per day we sync this
on our servers.


These are regular 1/2/3 TB SATA 3/3.1/3.2 hdd's
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_ATA or something slightly more
exotic ? Also are these pulled in a single HDD or some kind of RAID 5
or better RAID setup (for safety, redundancy and probably small
increase in speed as well) . I am guessing all these hard disks would
be housed in those 5-6 i5 systems and each system having a static IP
address or would all these 5-6 hard disks would be in some sort of
enclosure with each having their own static IP address.

[quote=Louis-Philippe Véronneau]

This is indeed done manually, but is not as bas as you think it is. We
are thinking of replacing the software we used last year (veyepar) by
another one (the CCC's one), but this will depend on the time I will
have to build and test the new one.


I am guessing you mean voctomix which just entered sid/unstable few
days back. When you are saying build, do you mean re-compiling
voctomix so that it works for our use-case better, probably some
compile-time optimizations which will result in higher throughput
or/and more checks when being saved to the hard-disks.

[quote=Louis-Philippe Véronneau]

Not full-time volunteers no. We are a core team of a few people
building the setup before hand and making sure there will be video,
but during the conference a lot of people help out with labor,
sometimes only for a few hours.


Than that would be doable for me.

[quote=Louis-Philippe Véronneau]

We will host training sessions on the different softwares we use for
video. This will be broadcasted on IRC during the conference. Feel
free to join!


That is good, would be good to have feedback on having it also
announced on the whiteboard. It could also be used to put up names of
individuals who are volunteering for the videoteam as well. Probably a
good way to say to show appreciation to the folks who help out by

[quote=Louis-Philippe Véronneau]

Video is a lot of job. I've joined the team last winter and I'm only
starting to graps how things work. IMHO the best way to learn how to
do this is to join the videoteam for the preparation of the next

For mini-DC, from what I understood normally people from the team fly
out to help with video and train people.

One thing is sure, our wikis and not good and we should document things better.


I am open to helping with the wiki. Although I would be prone to
asking queries before putting procedures, gear with specific model
numbers staring why that is good for the job.

There is another part that I want to talk about but will do it in
another mail as this one has become quite big in itself.

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
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