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[Debconf-team] DebConf meeting tonight: 27 April 18:30 UTC

Hi all

Next Meeting: 27 April 2016
(Note: Public holiday in SA)

Please put your agenda items down: http://deb.li/DC16meet1

so far I've got:
1. Sponsor invoices: status, general sponsors team feedback
2. CMC (UCT's conference management centre)
2.1 Invoicing attendees - status at CMC, any blockages?
2.2 Insurance report back - "As I am aware UCT pays large sums of
money every year for a comprehensive public liability insurance cover.
I believe that this covers personal injury -  eg if someone slips and
hurts themselves. Michael is this correct? [No response yet, asked
again] As far as theft - computers or infrastructure that get stolen -
the university won't cover this. I recommend that you hire in extra
security with G4S for the duration of your conference and that the
security patrol the areas of your conference. The buildings are public
buildings and so there is no way of stopping general access to the
buildings but extra security will help."
3. Website - general feedback
3.1 Contact / Press page, with flyer link and general press release
4. Room allocations, bathrooms - see Fuller email (lurker link - how
do I find that?? sent to registration@.. on 21 April) Next actions,
5. Catering
6. T-shirts, conference bags, swag
7. Sponsor posters
7.1 Who pays for their printing
7.2 Suggest using imago visual - http://imago-visual.com/
7.3 fulfillment email ...
8. General business
8.1 Volunteers - any needed? Is there a procedure to work with them?
8.2 (If there's time, general chatting about Open Weekend)

 Actions from last week:
    Minutes: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16/Meetings/2016-04-20

# tamo to put together daytrip options
# wendar and indiebio to sort out open weekend track in wafer
# indiebio to bug ganneff to please put indiebio's email on the
fulfillment@.. forwarder
# indiebio and tamo to explore glasshouse (menzies) and molly
blackburn hall for potential as eating space
# highvoltage will organize insurance for the AIMS computers lend to
the video team
# RichiH to sort out network and mail venue by the weekend
# RichiH to coordinate with video team about servers, and organise
obtaining and placing them

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