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Re: [Debconf-team] Suggestion for DC17+ fundraising brochure: advertising service vs. ad space

also sprach Louis-Philippe Véronneau <pollito@riseup.net> [2016-04-12 22:56 +0200]:
> If you have numbers about "unique site visits" this does means you are
> logging IP addresses, right?

I really don't know enough about the available technology on this.
IP addresses is probably how awstats does it, but one could also use
a cookie, which is somewhat "worse" in that it's more
distinct. Obviously it makes someone more trackable, but at the end
of the day, it'll depend on how you use the information. There are
benefits to this — whether applicable to DebConf or not is
a separate question of equal relevance — and I'm suggesting to
evaluate the equation.

But allow me a thought: I'd assume right now that apache serving
debconf.org is writing logs including IP addresses (I would also not
be surprised if Ganneff disabled this, but the machines are in
Germany and there are probably legal obligations to store them).
I think it'd already be a great gain for someone to grep these data
once and produce a "20.000 IP addresses visited between the DC15
press release and the end of the conference", and then to never look
at the data again until the next set, when s/DC15/DC16/.

This is valuable information that people we contact can use to pitch
our conference in their boards and committees. We are Debian and as
such I do believe that many of our sponsors are not just buying our
services, but are happy to support us, certainly the person who
we're talking to. Providing the additional information will simply
make their job easier.

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