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Re: [Debconf-team] Suggestion for DC17+ fundraising brochure: advertising service vs. ad space

Le 2016-04-12 03:29, martin f krafft a écrit :
> The most common mistake in fundraising (which we also make) is to
> sell advertising space ("logo on website"), rather than to sell the
> service ("logo on website, 1,234 unique visitors /month").
> With a bit of effort, I am sure we can get those numbers to
> reasonable accuracy, and then include them in the next brochure.

I have no knowledge of how current operations are set up, but I'm a
little concerned that if these numbers were to be collected in a
privacy-respectful way (eg. honoring DNT), then the numbers offered
would not compare very favorably against other similar "investments" by
potential sponsors.

With this in mind I would tend to agree with h01ger, in the sense that
collecting the numbers still seems like a worthwhile endeavor, although
we might not want to display them in such a prominent fashion (brochure).

-- Jerome

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