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Re: [Debconf-team] Suggestion for DC17+ fundraising brochure: advertising service vs. ad space

martin f krafft dijo [Tue, Apr 12, 2016 at 09:29:57AM +0200]:
> Hello,
> I am currently working with a bunch of highly professional
> fundraisers and learning. There are also a couple of ideas to pass
> along for us to consider for the next fundraising brochure(s).
> (...)

I will AOL on Cate's and Holger's mails. The service we sell is
"become visible as related to an important Free Software development
community", not "landing near thousands of eyeballs every week". We do
fundraising, sure. But there's something I don't want DebConf to
become is a part of a group of "highly professional fundraisers". In
part, because I believe that "professional fundraiser", as well as
anything marketing-related, is borderline "professional lier". (lier?

> With a bit of effort, I am sure we can get those numbers to
> reasonable accuracy, and then include them in the next brochure.
> In the hope that you find this convincing, I've started a wiki page
> to collect these numbers. Please have a look to see if you can
> contribute. The numbers need not be 100% accurate. For instance,
> knowing that our website had ca. 20,000 hits in August 2015 is
> a better data point than stating that it had 11,342 visits in March
> 2016.

And this shows a bit the reason why. Of course, you would not be lying
if you said "20,000 hits in August", but you'd surely be selecting a
convenient bit of reality. They could also say, "hey, but you got only
1,510 hits in December", because during December we are too busy doing

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