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[Debconf-team] DebConf16 meeting: Wednesday 18:30 UTC / 20:30 SAST

Hi all

A reminder for tomorrow evening's meeting.

I am not aware of another time poll that went out, so I think the time
remains as is.

Please note I will not be able to attend tomorrow's meeting.

>From my side an important agenda point is to look at requests from
CMC. I have asked Graham or someone who knows to put the lurker (?)
link to the email in the agenda.

Agenda so far (http://deb.li/DC16meet1 )
Please place items for discussion AS WELL AS items that has been
resolved in the agenda or noted further down, to ensure everyone is in
the loop.

Next meeting: 6 April 2016
1. Final accom numbers to UCT
2. Work through Belinda's (CMC) query email. ** Link pending
3. Nigel needs updated numbers for the budget for the accom + food
(qty x cost, for dcamp & dconf)
4. Accessibility - special needs? - indiebio meeting with UCT on
Wednesday next week.
4.1 wheelchair accommodation access
4.2 sign language interpreters
4.3 transport
4.4 request to make this available for future reference (thinking
ahead to other conf's as well...)
4.5 ?

Actions from last week:
Minutes: http://meetbot.debian.net/debconf-team/2016/debconf-team.2016-03-30-18.30.html

indiebio to liase with content team for open weekend content
indiebio to follow up jammie (and accessibility jammies) again. -
indiebio & ginggs meeting with them next Tuesday
tamo, ginngs to find out how we get parking permission
ginngs to check on access cards
ginngs, RichiH, tumbleweed figure out network requirements
highvoltage to poll for a new meeting time


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