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[Debconf-team] Fwd: Invoices for the Catering and Parking

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From: Belinda Chapman <belinda.chapman@uct.ac.za>
Date: Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 11:59 AM
Subject: RE: Invoices for the Catering and Parking
To: Tammy Manning <mungojoed@gmail.com>, Janet Sirmongpong <janet.sirmongpong@uct.ac.za>

Dear Tammy


Thanks for your mail.


I have sent Neerasha a follow up mail for her to please respond whether she has had feedback from the Managers and Senior Coordinators of the Residence Facilities Team as to whether they will allow external caterers into the residence. I will let you know when I receive feedback.


Re: the deposits required for the caterers. Please can you liaise with the Deb conf committee about this as we have not yet received any funds for this conference and so are not in a position to make any payments.

We issued and sent an invoice for the deposit for the UCT residence accommodation to Daniel Lange, Stefano Riviero but have had no response.


Re: parking. You will need to liaise with the UCT traffic department so they are aware of this conference and your parking requirements. We often deal with Harry Fisher: Harry Fisher harry.fisher@uct.ac.za


Please see some further traffic contacts below:


If YES, please contact the Chief Traffic Officer to make arrangements and specify any VIP parking requirements.

Tel: (021) 650 3314, or (021) 650 3121

Traffic support required after 16h00 will incur a cost to the event organisers.
- Permits for casual parking may be obtained at the Visitor’s Reception and Information Centre.






From: Tammy Manning [mailto:mungojoed@gmail.com]
Sent: 05 April 2016 11:28 AM
To: Janet Sirmongpong <janet.sirmongpong@uct.ac.za>
Cc: Belinda Chapman <belinda.chapman@uct.ac.za>
Subject: re: Invoices for the Catering and Parking


Dear Janet 


Please see the Invoices attached for Catering of Lunch and Dinner for Debcamp and DebConf. 


1) TBC who will be doing the Conference catering from the 2nd - 9th July 2016

For TBC we were hoping to have them in the upstairs room at Fuller Hall, with the balcony, this is where we would like to be setting up the tables if we get permission, which we are waiting for.  

They will also need a locked store room to store their equipment while they are there, and  a section of the Kitchen to wash dishes. This was all noted in my email to Belinda and Peter.


2) Matt Fox (Rondebosch Caterers) who will be doing the DebCamp catering for Lunch and Dinner from the 26th June - 1st July 2016. 

During the Camp people will walk down to the Pub for their Lunch and Dinner meals, so we won't need a designated area for catering as we do for TBC.

They will also be doing our Braai on the Wed during the Conference as well as supplying Tea and Coffee in the afternoon.


Please see that for both Caterers they need a Deposit made to secure the bookings. 

TBC - R10 000 and Rondebosch Caterers - R20 000 (invoices are attached) These need to be paid as soon as possible as we would hate to loose our bookings. 


3) PARKING: for the Conference we need to get permission for people with cars to park at UCT over the conference period. How do we go about this would you be able to organize this with the Traffic Department at UCT?


Many thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.








Tammy 082 674  9764

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Tammy 082 674  9764

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