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[Debconf-team] Debconf 16 travel budget

Nigel asked for how much money we need for DC16 travel. Obviously we
(bursaries) will spend whatever we're given, but here are some numbers
to help set that budget. I confess the modelling here is full of
ridiculous assumptions. Consider the same set of requests as for
Heidelberg, and multiply by a somewhat arbitrary inflation factor (based
on the difference in cost for travel from Canada).
At the current budget (I think nigel said USD17K), we would then predict
funding travel for about 16 people. That's roughly 1/3 
(both in number of people and in terms of dollar amount) of the requests
that we have received so far. I expect there will be more requests as
the deadline approaches.

1 2015 based results.

  Here we take the applicants from 2015, and arbitrarily inflate costs
  by 1.25. Costs are in EUR. Need and committee rating are just a sample
  from that rank. In retrospect the committee was fairly strict in their

  You can find an explanation of the rankings used below.

   Amount  Inflated  People  Need  Committee rating 
     1950    2437.5       3     3                 4 
     4550    5687.5       6     3               3.5 
     9720    12150.      11     3              3.25 
    12223  15278.75      16     3                 3 
    17178   21472.5      24     3              2.25 
    24753  30941.25      35     2              2.75 
    30903  38628.75      46     3                 2 

2 Explanations of rankings

2.1 Committee Rating

  5: "must fund"
     • If this person does not attend debconf, there will be
       significant negative impact for DebConf or Debian more
  4: "priority funding"
     • There are clear benefits to Debian or to DebConf of
     this person attending debconf.
     • This might be an accepted talk that seems particularly
  3: "good initiative"
     • We should fund this person because they propose something
     • Alternatively we should fund this person because they bring
       diversity to debian, or are a new contributor.
  2: "good record"
     • this person has a strong record of contributing to Debian.
  1: "OK"
     • if we have budget, I don't object to funding this request

2.2 Level of financial need

  • Without the requested funding, I will be absolutely unable to attend
    DebConf. (3)
  • Without the requested funding, I will have to make financial
    sacrifices to attend DebConf. (2)
  • Without the requested funding, attending DebConf will be
    inconvenient for me. (1)
  • I am not applying based on financial need.  (0)

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