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[Debconf-team] debconf 16 bursaries team

The time has come to form this year's bursaries team. The Debconf 16
bursaries team is responsible for the difficult choice who to provide
accomodation, food, and travel support (bursaries) to attend Debconf
this year.

For the last few years, we have asked that no-one on the committee
actually be planning on applying for travel funding this year. Applying
for accomodation for food and accomodation bursaries for Debconf (and
Debcamp) is still OK.

In general we're looking for people familiar with Debian and Debconf,
but not necessarily with Debconf organization or bursaries. Like most
parts of Debian, we're always keen to have new blood.

If you would like to help, and will have some hours to devote to the
work in second half of April, please request to join the alioth project
(we're going to share via a git repository this year).


We need about ten people to keep the workload manageable.  The work has
been mostly asynchronous recently, with most discussion happening on
(private) mailing lists.

If you have any questions about the job, or you want to let us know why
you'd be a good candidate, feel free to follow up here, or in case of
confidentiality issues, to send me private email.


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